How it works

1. Contact us!

Contact us through the form. Based on the information you provide us we will get you in contact with the Service Centre that can serve you best.

2. Make a reservation

We will support you in defining exactly what you need depending on your clients wishes!

3. We deliver

We get to work and pack and stack the products you need. Based on your request we either deliver to the venue, to point of place or you pick up the goods in our warehouse.

! Did you know…
We offer 24/7 pick up service for emergency cases.

4. You use our products,
with respect!

Pack and stack the goods the same way as we delivered them. Notify us when the goods will be delivered, or when we should organise pick up service.

5. We hope to serve you in the future!

We are happy if your happy. Contact us, we are ready for your next project!